India Needs To Continue Its Momentum At COP28, Seek More Commitments From Developed Countries: UNDP India Climate Chief

COP 28: The Loss and Damage Fund stands as a victory for India to a certain extent as well. We've played an important role in pushing for more focus towards adaptation efforts

By PTI 06/12/2023

President Murmu Urges Shift To Climate-Friendly Diets

President Droupadi Murmu calls for eco-conscious food choices and addresses global hunger concerns during the World Food India event, emphasising environmental responsibility

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/11/2023

Will The UAE Presidency Succeed In Securing Tangible Climate Wins At COP28

COP28: The first global stocktake mandated by the Paris Agreement is expected to be conducted at the COP28 to check progress of countries with reference to their commitments

By Abhiir Bhalla 02/11/2023

France To Support All Commitments At COP28 To Accelerate Global Energy Transition

India and France jointly launched the ISA at the 2015 UN climate conference in Paristo address energy needs and challenges of its member countries and scale up solar through multiple flagship interventions

By PTI 01/11/2023

Global Study Shows Over Half Of Earth's Vital Signs At Record Extremes

World Sustainability Day 2023: This year has already witnessed 38 days with global average temperatures more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels

By PTI 26/10/2023

UNESCO's Report Focuses On Climate Education In India

In the heart of New Delhi, UNESCO reveals its latest findings on how education can combat the climate crisis

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/10/2023

India-Saudi Arabia Forge Green Energy Alliance At MENA Climate Week 2023

Union Minister RK Singh unveils India's sustainable energy leadership, $2.3 billion Green Hydrogen Mission, and invites MENA nations to join Global Biofuel Alliance

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/10/2023

Key Emitters Absent; Attendees Demand Fossil Fuel Phase Out At UN Summit

Ahead of the summit, Antonio Guterres had unveiled his Acceleration Agenda, saying only 'movers' and 'doers' would be allowed to attend

By PTI 21/09/2023

India, US Partnership To Mobilise Financing For 10,000 Electric Buses In India

The partnership will provide support for a payment security mechanism for expanding electric mobility, giving a boost to the PM e-Bus Sewa scheme

By PTI 21/09/2023

UK PM Commits $2 Billion To Green Climate Fund  

Alongside this uplift in the UK’s contribution to the GCF, the UK government said it will continue to stress the importance of the GCF delivering results with even greater speed, demonstrating value for money in all of its activities

By PTI 11/09/2023