World Bank Approves $1.5 Billion For India’s Low-Carbon Transition

The $1.44 billion loan is from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and is facilitated by a United Kingdom $1 billion backstop aimed at boosting the World Bank’s climate change financing to India

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/06/2023

Equity, CBDR Must Be Central To Discussion On Just Transition Pathways: India At Bonn Talks

India has said that policies for a just and equitable transition to a low-carbon economy must prioritise equity and shared but differentiated responsibilities (CBDR)

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/06/2023

Earth Day 2023: Preserving Wildlife Important For Corporate World

Overlooking the importance of wildlife conservation can make businesses vulnerable to risks such as depletion of natural resources and supply chain disruptions 

By Pradip Shah 22/04/2023

Rich Countries Need To Make More Emission Cuts To Reach Net Zero By 2050: Bhupinder Yadav

There is an urgent need for greater action to deal with the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution

By PTI 15/04/2023

Environment Protection Comes Naturally To Us: Modi

Human empowerment is impossible without a better environment and the way forward is through collectiveness rather than selectiveness, the prime minister said at TERI’s World Sustainable Development Summit

By Outlook Planet Desk 22/02/2023

Developed World Hasn't Acted On $100 Bn/Yr Climate Finance Pledge: Kant

India's G20 Sherpa, Amitabh Kant said that India has met its NDC goals nine years earlier than expected

By PTI 30/01/2023

India Committed To Tackling Climate Change Impact, Supporting Developing nations: Env Minister Bhupender Yadav

Speaking at a two-day meeting for the Voice of the Global South, the minister expressed that the rich world has already used up its fair share of climatic resources

By PTI 12/01/2023

Loss And Damage Fund Major Gain At COP27  

The loss and damage fund conversation was pushed by the G77 plus China group of developing countries. The group of countries is vulnerable to the impacts of climate disasters.

By Naina Gautam 21/11/2022

Children's Day 2022: Children Join The Demand For Climate Action At COP27 

Children's Day 2022: Worldwide almost 1 billion children, almost half of the world’s children, reside in extremely high risk countries, according to UNICEF’s The Climate Crisis Is a Child Rights Crisis: Introducing the Children’s Climate Risk Index,...

By Naina Gautam 14/11/2022

Climate Finance A Key Issue At COP27

COP27: Apart from the fact that the annual target of $100 billion of climate finance is yet to be reached, understanding about what constitutes climate finance is unclear.

By Naina Gautam 05/11/2022