Limiting Global Warming To 1.5 Degrees Not Plausible: Report

The researchers came to the conclusion that social change is necessary to reach the Paris Agreement's temperature goals, but what has been accomplished thus far is insufficient

By PTI 02/02/2023

Union Budget 2023: Public Health System Longs For A Respite

Experts in public health and development anticipate significant indications of the government's good intentions in tackling important end-game goals through the upcoming national budget 2023–2024

By Dr. Deepak Gupta 28/01/2023

Needed Better Nutrition Strategies To Control TB

After HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) is the second-most common cause of death. Goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN calls for the eradication of the disease by 2030

By Dr. Deepak Gupta 19/01/2023

Global Food Leaders Call Upon G7 Heads To Fight Hunger And Malnutrition

In an open letter ahead of the upcoming G7 Summit, World Food Prize Laureates have written to G7 Heads to address the triple threat of Covid-19, climate change and conflict

By Rajiv Tikoo 14/05/2022

Step Up Climate Change Adaptation Efforts Or Face Huge Disruption: UN Report

The estimated adaptation costs in developing countries are five to ten times greater than current public adaptation finance flows.

By Outlook Planet Desk 05/11/2021

How Climate Change And COVID-19 Are Colliding in Snow Leopard Landscapes

A new policy brief warns that pandemic frequency is likely to increase due to climate change, environmental degradation and globalization.

By Outlook Planet Desk 28/10/2021

Vertical Farming World Congress From Monday: This Is How You Can Join Online

Increasing population, growing urbanization, diminishing farmlands, demand for locally grown food may require capital intensive vertical farms in and around major metro cities

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/09/2021

A Health Worker’s Tireless Efforts To Ensure Iron Supplementation For Adolescent Girls

Mamta Singh, an ANM/midwife with the sub-centre Pure Pandey of Deeh block in Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh, is amongst those committed health workers who came forward to extend health and nutrition services to the vulnerable.

By Nutrition International 02/09/2021

Robust Policies On Air Pollution Lengthens Life Expectancy : New Study

The same clean air policies that can reduce fossil fuel emissions and help reign in climate change can also add up to 5 years onto people’s lives in the most polluted regions while globally adding more than two years onto lives on average.

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/09/2021

Tractor Sales In India Register 3.3% Growth In July

Monsoon has caught up to normal, sowing has picked up, lockdown lifted; these should augur well for the remaining months this year, say observers

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/09/2021