India Launches National Forest Certification Scheme

India introduces IFWCS, a national forest certification scheme, ensuring sustainable practices, transparency, and global acceptance of its forest products, countering concerns over deforestation and illicit timber trade

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/01/2024

$1.7 Billion Allocated To Tackle Climate And Biodiversity Crisis

COP 28: A historic funding pledge marks a decisive move towards addressing climate and biodiversity challenges, signalling a united effort for a sustainable future

By Outlook Planet Desk 04/12/2023

Only 24% Of Organisations Have Biodiversity Strategy In Place: Study

Although many tools like impact assessments, AI or synthetic biology exist to address biodiversity loss, businesses are investing less than 5 per cent of the required amount to address it 

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/09/2023

Coal PSUs Take To Plantation To Check Air, Noise And Soil Pollution

Degradation of natural resources has led to deforestation and soil erosion, and become a problem for farmers, who are dependent on agriculture

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/08/2023

India To Flag Concerns Over EU's Carbon Tax, Deforestation Regulation In WTO Next Year

The EU has introduced regulations on climate change and trade, including on carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM); deforestation, which are not going well with developing countries 

By PTI 01/08/2023

EU’s Deforestation Rule To Impact Exports Of $1.3 Billion

The European Union (EU) claims it wants to reduce its contribution to global deforestation by promoting 'deforestation-free' products, but this is seen as a deceptive narrative 

By PTI 19/05/2023