Modern Technologies Can Transform Agritech Startups

Agritech firms pursuing a tech-first approach benefit from a number of growth opportunities, including rising internet penetration and a welcoming climate from regulators and various stakeholders

By Anjami Nayyar 22/09/2023

Bracing Agriculture Sector With Tech

Creating an environment wherein the next generation gets exposure to cutting-edge technologies and understand their benefits would entice the farmers to actively participate in agriculture

By Burjis Godrej 05/09/2023

As A Threat, Climate Change Outweighs Other Megatrends: Study

Based on a survey from global investors, engaged and informed Millennials, and Gen Z consumers from India, the UAE, UK, US, China, and France, the latest report shows how India's well-being is threatened by climate change, but technology offers the best...

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/03/2023

How To Bridge The Gap Between ‘Speak’ And ‘Walk’

Since MSMEs account for a sizeable number of all businesses in India, their adoption of sustainable processes will be critical for India to achieve its goals around carbon neutrality

By Avinash Gupta 30/03/2023