UP Unveils Mega Green Hydrogen Plan To Fuel Sustainable Growth

The state’s ambitious plan to add one million tonnes of green hydrogen capacity attracts billions in investments and promises to create thousands of jobs, leading to sustainable growth and helping India achieve its climate goals

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/02/2024

Himachal To Lead In Reducing Fossil Fuels: CM

The state transport department was the first in the country to adopt e-vehicles, marking a successful milestone in our commitment to environmental sustainability

By PTI 03/02/2024

TERI Summit On Sustainable Development To Focus On Leadership And Climate Justice

WSDS 2024: The 23rd World Sustainable Development Summit, organised by TERI, will bring together policymakers, thought leaders, and experts to discuss sustainability, climate justice, and leadership

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/01/2024

Travel Companies To Boost ESG Investments With Technology

Amadeus's latest research has shown that Indian travel companies are increasing their investments in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives through technology adoption

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/01/2024

Oil India Initiates Carbon Capture And Storage Project To Advance Net-Zero Goals

The public sector major’s forward-thinking, coupled with a commitment to carbon neutrality, positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape of sustainable energy initiatives

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/01/2024

India In Pole Position In Solar Energy

COP 28: The country's adoption of solar power, investments in solar infrastructure and initiatives like the International Solar Alliance demonstrate India's commitment to cleaner energy solutions

By Gautam Mohanka 12/12/2023

Increasing Workplace Sustainability

The solution to improving environmental friendliness, making your company more efficient and resource-conserving is to use eco-friendly cleaning products

By Jatinder Kaul 11/12/2023

How Sustainable Packaging Makes Business Sense

When PET bottles are recycled, the plastic is recycled for food-grade recycled material and reformed into new bottles, reducing the need for virgin plastic for bottles production

By Enrique Ackermann 09/12/2023

GRSE To Develop Electric Tugs E-VOLT 50 With Partners

This project seeks to mitigate carbon emissions, enhance operational efficiency, and establish new benchmarks for environmental sustainability within the tugboat industry

By PTI 24/11/2023

Exploring The Prospects Of Carbon Farming And Sustainable Agriculture

The increasing emphasis on sustainable agriculture reflects a positive shift towards practises that are environmentally friendly and economically viable

By Aneesh Jain 23/11/2023