How A Company Can Stay True to Its Purpose

Apart from focusing on one element of ESG, aligning core competencies to serve all stakeholders and adding a layer of transparency helps an organisation tick all ESG boxes without deviating too much from its operational processes

By Sanjiv Lal 01/04/2023

Technology Can Help Businesses Make ESG Reporting Easy

Currently, ESG data management and disclosure is one of the key challenges faced by companies in India including over 80% of the 1,000 listed companies along with decarbonization execution and capacity building

By Satish Ramchandani 21/11/2022

How Indian Businesses Can Grow Sustainably With ESG Approach

Companies need to adapt to the ever-evolving framework of ESG to make sure that the criteria are consistently and adequately met  

By Rajiv Tikoo 07/05/2022