EU Under Pressure To Pause New Environmental Efforts

EU nations have endorsed plans to become climate neutral by 2050 and adopted a wide range of measures, from reducing energy consumption to sharply cutting transport emissions and reforming the EU's trading system for greenhouse gases

By Associated Press 28/05/2023

International Cooperation To Play Key Role In Achieving India’s Net Zero Emissions Target By 2070: Jitendra Singh

Jitendra Singh and Union Power & NRE Minister Shri R. K. Singh jointly launched the website and logo for the Joint 8th Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-8) and 14th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM-14), which will take place in Goa from July 19-21, 2023,...

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/05/2023

EU’s Deforestation Rule To Impact Exports Of $1.3 Billion

The European Union (EU) claims it wants to reduce its contribution to global deforestation by promoting 'deforestation-free' products, but this is seen as a deceptive narrative 

By PTI 19/05/2023

Inter-Ministerial Group To Investigate Impact Of EU's Carbon Tax On Indian Exports

The group is mulling over strategies to mitigate its impact and ways of enabling the industry to adapt

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/05/2023

India To Request EU To Exempt MSMEs From Carbon Tax

Starting in October, domestic companies in seven carbon-intensive industries—including steel, cement, fertiliser, aluminium, and hydrocarbon products—must submit applications to the EU authorities for compliance certifications.

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/05/2023

India To Ask EU To Recognise Its Carbon Credits System

A significant meeting on CBAM, which will be attended by top officials from the ministries of finance, commerce and industry, steel, MSME, and industry leaders, is likely to be held soon

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/05/2023

EU Adopts Key Laws Like CBAM To Reach 2030 Climate Target

The new rules increase the overall ambition of emissions reductions by 2030 in the sectors covered by the EU ETS to 62 per cent  compared to 2005 levels

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/04/2023

Experts: Exports from India and Least Developed Countries Will Be Affected by the EU's Carbon Tax

Global Trade Research Initiative (GTRI) report claims that, as of January 1, 2026, CBAM will result in a 20–35% levy on a number of imports into the EU.

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/04/2023

EU's carbon tax to impact India's metal exports: GTRI

Beginning on October 1 of this year, the EU will implement the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM)

By PTI 01/03/2023

Global Carbon Emissions Rebound Close To Pre-Covid Levels

Global carbon emissions in 2021 are set to rebound close to pre-Covid levels, according to the Global Carbon Project

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/11/2021