Policy Ecosystem To Impact Investments In EV Sector

With the FAME-II scheme coming to an end in March next year, Ather is happy with the current levels of subsidy but hoped that it would be extended for another three to five years for acceleration of EV adoption

By PTI 18/09/2023

Reduction In Subsidies Results In Falling Demand For Electric Two Wheelers

Apart from the subsidies available under the FAME scheme, various state governments also introduced their own incentives such as a subsidy amount per Kwh of battery capacity, and discounts or complete exemption on payment of road tax 

By PTI 18/08/2023

Govt Claims Rs 469 Crore From Two-Wheeler EV Makers For Violating Norms

Incentives were allowed to make electric vehicles by using made in India components, but it was found that seven firms have used imported components

By PTI 25/07/2023

EV Industry To Get Government Support: PM's Advisor

The total cost of ownership of an EV will give saving for whole life and the industry should hammer on this point while selling these vehicles

By PTI 06/06/2023

Government Lowers Subsidies Provided Under Fame-II 

Beginning June 1, 2023, the government has decided to considerably lower the subsidies being offered under the FAME-II (Faster Adoption of Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India) scheme 

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/05/2023

Subsidy Reduction To Impact EV Adoption

The Heavy Industries Ministry has notified changes for reducing subsidy provided under FAME-II (Faster Adoption of Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India) scheme   

By PTI 23/05/2023

Bright Future Awaits EVs In India 

Investing in electric vehicle stocks can be an effective way to support the zero-emissions vehicle transition while potentially earning a good return

By Shruti Jain 20/05/2023

Subsidies Key To Accelerate Adoption Of Electric Two-Wheelers 

While fuel costs and pollution are main barriers to not buying an ICE two-wheeler, cost savings and environmental factors prompt consumers to consider buying E2Ws 

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/04/2023

Maharashtra Among The Top 5 States With Most Comprehensive EV Policy Designs: Study

Using 21 factors, a new study by Climate Trends called Analysis Of State Electric Vehicle Regulations And Their Impact assesses the thoroughness of the state EV policies

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/02/2023