Green Hydrogen Can Support Fast Growth And Net Zero Target

A Bain & Company report says that green hydrogen can help India reconcile its two critical objectives of fueling fast growth and hitting the net-zero target by 2070

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/01/2024

UK Carbon Tax Casts Shadow On India's Exports

Exports worth $775 million are in the crosshairs as the UK unveils CBAM, which is likely to pose a new set of challenges and opportunities in global trade dynamics

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/12/2023

DCM Shriram Raises Funds From HSBC As Sustainability Loan

Ajay Sharma, head-commercial banking at HSBC India, said it is committed to providing financing to support and incentivise the transition to a more sustainable economy

By PTI 29/09/2023

IREDA Committed To Enhance Financial Viability Of Green Hydrogen And Green Ammonia Projects

In line with the Government of India's vision as outlined in the National Green Hydrogen Mission, IREDA CMD Pradip Kumar Das reaffirmed IREDA's commitment to financing the entire value chain of Green Hydrogen sector

By Outlook Planet Desk 07/08/2023

Greening The Flower Ecosystem

Integrating sustainability with floristry is not easy but it is worth the effort

By Garv Singhal 27/06/2023

Adopt Millets: Modi In His 10-Point Action Plan At G7

The prime minister's 10-point action plan included curbing wastage of food, depoliticisation of global fertilizer supply chains and promoting millets

By PTI 21/05/2023

Emissions From Fertilisers Could Be Cut Down By 80%: Study

Researchers have calculated that two thirds of fertiliser emissions occur after the fertiliser is sprayed on fields, with the remaining third of emissions coming from industrial operations, according to the study

By PTI 11/02/2023