PDS: From Food Security To Nutrition Security

While India's PDS, the world's biggest food security initiative, has helped avert famines, it has not been able to provide nutrition security, because for decades, foodgrain self-sufficiency and not nutrition, has been the focus of the political discourse

By Rajiv Tikoo 24/04/2022

Strengthening A Nutrition Sensitive Approach In Agriculture In India

The urban and rural population in India still faces nutrition linked health concerns due to a non-balanced diet. Let's take a look at how various public-private initiatives has helped in meeting the nutritional challenges.

By Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi 21/05/2021

Our food Systems Are Broken. We Are In Need Of Urgent Change

Countries across the world are suffering from a severe lack of access to food. Our food systems are broken. WHO says this will only worsen as a result of the pandemic at hand

By Lasse Bruun 16/02/2021

Let’s Revisit Our Food Safety And Distribution Methods 

From consumer awareness to farming practices, it’s time to revise the entire farm to fork process. Here’s how. 

By Thirukumaran Nagarajan 13/02/2021