Adapting Sustainable Practices To Align With COP 28

COP 28: Integrating market-linked incentives for a sustainable package of practises can help farmers adopt and adhere to climate-smart production systems

By Prasanna Rao 12/12/2023

Swapping Half Of Meat With Plant-Based Foods May Cut Agri Emissions By 31%: Study

A 50 per cent substitution scenario would substantially reduce the impacts of food systems on the natural environment and degradation of forest and natural land

By PTI 13/09/2023

Supply Chain Disruptions Have Disproportionately Impacted Food Security Of Vulnerable Populations: Doval

Access to a secure and affordable supply of critical materials for the development of clean energy technologies is crucial, added National Security Advisor Ajit Doval at a BRICS group meeting

By PTI 26/07/2023

We Must Prepare For The Likely El Nino-Induced Drought

El-Nino is anticipated to return by the middle of 2023, thus it is essential to take a proactive approach with both short-term and long-term remedies

By Parul Jain 21/06/2023

Millet Varieties To Register High Demand In 2023

Conscious and mindful eating coupled with climate change awareness will boost production and consumption of climate-resilient foods like millets 

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/05/2023

Resilience Is Needed In Food Systems: New Report

Flexible, shock-responsive, and carefully targeted social protection systems are essential for building resilience prior to a crisis and for facilitating recovery

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/05/2023

Army To Host Millet Festival in J-K to Increase Knowledge of Crop

With the completion of an awareness campaign the command launched with the holding of a workshop at the northern command headquarters in Udhampur recently, the festival will be held in the near future

By PTI 01/05/2023

Funds To Support Groundbreaking Energy Transition and Sustainability Technologies

Innovative agritech firms addressing climate change are supported by Bidra's venture capital fund in collaboration with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and The OCP Group

By Outlook Planet Desk 22/04/2023

The Average Global Temperature Has Reached Its Highest Level Ever Over The Last Eight Years: WMO

Half Of The 767.9 Million facing undernourishment in 2021 are in Asia due to Food Security induced by Climate Change

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/04/2023

Agri-Tech Developments To Address Food Security, Inefficient Supply Chains, And Climate Change

AIM, NITI Aayog, and UNCDF released a whitepaper which presents doable solutions to problems faced by agri-tech start-ups 

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/04/2023