Food Consumption Post-vaccination

Our gut plays a crucial role in improving our immunity, here’s why you should start considering Covid-19 vaccine as an opportunity to kick-start a healthier regimen

By Ms. Muthulakshmi 22/04/2021

A Healthy Diet To Ensure A Best Exam Day

From vegetables to nuts, here are some of the food suggestions that will come to your rescue for future examination days

By Bipasha Das 22/04/2021

Strengthening Farmgate Cold Chain Infrastructure For Fruits And Vegetables

Cold chain for fresh fruits and vegetables is an environment-controlled logistics that does not alter essential characteristics of produce and ensures uninterrupted care from source to use.

By Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi 24/03/2021

Orange Or Orange Juice? Here's The Right Choice

Satyendra Garg thought fruit juice was a better option compared to the whole fruit, until he did some research.

By Satyendra Garg 02/12/2020

Orange Or Orange Juice? Here's The Right Choice

Satyendra's perception of considering fruit juice a better choice against the whole fruit changed completely after his thorough research

By Satyendra Garg 22/11/2020

Are Fruit Juices Really As Healthy As You Think?

Here are some facts that you must consider before taking a sip

By Charupadma Pati 18/09/2019

Learn A New Word: Polyphenols

Because, sometimes some words become popular. And, who knows, they may even change your life.

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/09/2019

P-O-S-H-A-N: How The Six Letters Hide Six Core Nutrition Concepts

To celebrate the Poshan Week, remember the smart acronym P-O-S-H-A-N and pep up your daily diet

By Charupadma Pati 07/09/2019