India’s Urban 20 Stirs New And Innovative Priority Areas

India’s presidency has brought focus to the urban sector by creating focussed working groups to deliberate on infrastructure financing and future of cities

By Hitesh Vaidya 16/09/2023

G7, G20 Nations Should Collaborate On Climate Action: ADBI

The developing and emerging-country members can rally to adopt more sectoral, granular, and tangible climate goals, than the G7 countries have done at their Hiroshima Summit, in targeting net-zero emissions in the road sector by 2050

By PTI 01/09/2023

Adopt Millets: Modi In His 10-Point Action Plan At G7

The prime minister's 10-point action plan included curbing wastage of food, depoliticisation of global fertilizer supply chains and promoting millets

By PTI 21/05/2023

G7 Business Group Endorses India's G20 Theme

The climate change issue cannot be solved without the involvement of the Global South in reducing CO2 emissions while pursuing their legitimate growth and development objectives

By PTI 01/05/2023

G7 Environment Ministers Meet In Japan To Discuss Climate Change And Energy Security

At the G-7 summit in May last year, member nations set a common goal of achieving a fully or predominantly decarbonised electricity supply by 2035

By Associated Press (AP) 14/04/2023

Global Food Leaders Call Upon G7 Heads To Fight Hunger And Malnutrition

In an open letter ahead of the upcoming G7 Summit, World Food Prize Laureates have written to G7 Heads to address the triple threat of Covid-19, climate change and conflict

By Rajiv Tikoo 14/05/2022