Private Sector’s Role Critical In Achieving SDGs  

Incentives like tax breaks, subsidies and low-interest loans, as well as regulatory frameworks that encourage the adoption of green technologies, foster innovation and promote sustainable business practices can be advantageous for both companies and the...

By Pradip Shah 23/03/2023

Step-Up In Wind Power Crucial To Reach Energy Goals

Wind projects can provide electricity even during the night to meet peak power requirements, which balances out day-centric solar generation on the grid

By PTI 20/03/2023

Green Bonds To Help Fuel Climate Action

RBI has come up with the India Sovereign Green Bond Framework, which is based on the Panchamrit concept announced by India at COP26, Glasgow

By Naina Gautam 20/03/2023

India Highest-Ranked G20 country On The Climate Change Performance Index 2023: RBI Governor

The issue for the nation is to satisfy the predicted growth in energy demand and to quickly switch from fossil fuels to renewables because it is one of the fastest expanding economies in the world

By Outlook Planet Desk 20/03/2023

Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat In Energy By 2047 

A new study finds that India is in a unique advantage to leapfrog to a clean energy future since the bulk of its energy infrastructure is yet to be built. India’s growing energy demand offers a significant runway of 15 years for the existing fossil energy...

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/03/2023

Sustainable Financial Instruments Are Critical To Fund Transition: Katie McGinty

Johnson Controls is not just bringing innovations to India, but many cutting-edge innovations are also arising from its Centre of Excellence in India, says the vice president and chief sustainability and external relation officer at Johnson Controls

By Naina Gautam 13/03/2023

Creating Enabling Ecosytems  

From a research standpoint, having well-versed individuals in the labour market and experts in energy or climate ecosystems is important

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/03/2023

Power Ministry Mandates 40% Renewable Purchase Obligation For New Coal, Lignite-Based Thermal Plants

New coal- or lignite-based thermal plants must install renewable energy capacity equal to at least 40% of their capacity, or acquire that much green energy under a renewable purchase requirement, according to a directive from the Ministry of Electricity

By PTI 07/03/2023

Essar Provides A Fillip To Green Hydrogen And Ammonia

Essar Energy Transition investment in India will help deliver on the country's emerging hydrogen ambition

By PTI 27/02/2023

135 Million Tonnes Of Methane Released Into The Atmosphere By The Energy Sector In 2022: Study

According to the IEA's Global Methane Tracker, the oil and gas industry could reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still making a sizeable profit from the energy crisis

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/02/2023