Researchers Develop Catalyst For Green Hydrogen Fuel

World is moving towards finding alternatives to fossil fuels, and hydrogen gas continues to be the best source of clean energy generation

By PTI 01/05/2023

G7 Environment Ministers Meet In Japan To Discuss Climate Change And Energy Security

At the G-7 summit in May last year, member nations set a common goal of achieving a fully or predominantly decarbonised electricity supply by 2035

By Associated Press (AP) 14/04/2023

Green Energy Can Help Cope With Climate Change

The availability of the lowest cost for solar power combined with engineering prowess makes India an ideal place for a green hydrogen production hub: Puri

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: India Reinforces Commitment To Green Growth

The budget prioritizes green growth with a focus on creation of a green hydrogen economy

By Pawan Mulukutla 01/02/2023

Empowered Group Set Up To Implement National Green Hydrogen Mission

The Empowered Group will oversee the mission activities, provide guidance, continuously monitor progress, recommend policy interventions and approve mid-course corrections if required  

By PTI 14/01/2023

The Russia-Ukraine War A Blip For India’s Renewables

The prices of oil and natural gas are going up globally. The supply disruption is not ruled out

By Rajiv Tikoo 26/02/2022

Stepping On The Gas With Hydrogen Policy

In the last five-six years, we have seen a massive surge in renewable energy installations across the world, to the extent that it has evolved as the mainstream energy option

By Dr.Jami Hossain 26/02/2022