EU Adopts Key Laws Like CBAM To Reach 2030 Climate Target

The new rules increase the overall ambition of emissions reductions by 2030 in the sectors covered by the EU ETS to 62 per cent  compared to 2005 levels

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/04/2023

Earth Day 2023: Preserving Wildlife Important For Corporate World

Overlooking the importance of wildlife conservation can make businesses vulnerable to risks such as depletion of natural resources and supply chain disruptions 

By Pradip Shah 22/04/2023

Deployment Of Renewable Energy Must Be Expanded To Developing Nations: Report 

The volume and extent of the energy shift, notes the IRENA report, are far below the 1.5°C pathway

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/03/2023

Planet Warming Methane Creates Cooling Clouds, Too, To Offset Heat: New Study

Methane remains a potent contributor to global warming, and efforts to reduce methane emissions are vital for keeping global warming well below 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial values 

By PTI 27/03/2023

Crafting Green Products For Women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, Outlook Planet catches up with start-ups  high on sustainability when it comes to women’s products like garments, accessories, jewellery or cosmetics 

By Naina Gautam 08/03/2023

Cities like Mumbai Will Face Serious Impacts Of Sea Level Rise: UN Secretary-General

A new report by the World Meteorological Organisation emphasises how urgent it is to address this problem given how quickly sea levels are rising

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Digitisation Is Way Forward In Agriculture

Entire ecosystem needs to come together to help India’s agriculture sector scale greater heights and achieve its full potential

By Krishna Kumar 07/02/2023

India Promises To Engage Constructively At COP 26 And Evaluate Bridging Proposals To Conclude Paris Rulebook

Climate change is embedded in India’s development strategy and India has been a frontrunner in taking ambitious climate action

By Outlook Planet Desk 04/10/2021

Children To Experience 2-to-7 Times More Climate Extremes Than Grandparents

World leaders will be discussing mitigation and adaptation measures to be taken to keep the global temperature rise to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era.

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/09/2021