Biofuel Set To Acclerate India's Net Zero Journey

Sustainability Trends 2024: The focus of the Indian biofuel industry must be to evolve into a self-sustaining one to ensure long-term viability rather than being merely driven by short-term gains

By Suhas Baxi 24/01/2024

India, Sweden Launch LeadIT 2.0

The initiative aims at co-developing and transferring low-carbon technology, along with offering financial support for industry transition in developing nation

By PTI 02/12/2023

Cement Companies' Green Power Mix To Rise To 42% By FY25

Capital outlay towards green power investments by major cement makers for the planned addition of 537 MW green power is expected to be around Rs 5,500 crore in the next two years

By PTI 19/09/2023

Innovative Green Practices To Transform Warehouses

Sustainable warehouses prioritise energy-efficient design, incorporating technologies such as solar panels, LED lighting, optimised HVAC systems, and advanced monitoring systems

By Ramnath Subramaniam 13/09/2023

The Average Global Temperature Has Reached Its Highest Level Ever Over The Last Eight Years: WMO

Half Of The 767.9 Million facing undernourishment in 2021 are in Asia due to Food Security induced by Climate Change

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/04/2023

RBI Issues Framework For Acceptance Of Green Deposits By Banks, NBFCs

The financial sector can be crucial in mobilising resources and allocating them to green initiatives and activities.

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/04/2023

India - Go Green Or Perish

A country struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic is hit by a cyclone from the east and locusts from the west. Last year, such a scenario would have been rejected as implausible. But that became a reality for India.

By Joydeep Gupta 06/08/2020