Climate Change Could Spark Health Crisis In India: Lancet

Lancet's latest report highlights the dire health impact of India's fossil fuel dependency and underlines the need for urgent climate action

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/11/2023

Huge Population In India, Pakistan To Face Deadly Heat If Temperature Rises By 2 degrees C

In such a scenario, northern India, eastern Pakistan, eastern China and Sub-Saharan Africa would predominantly encounter high-humidity heatwaves, says new research

By PTI 10/10/2023

Delhi Comes Up With Heat Action Plan

Delhi is one of the hottest cities in India and ranks among the most susceptible to heat waves due to its large population and a significant concentration of lower-income groups

By PTI 18/08/2023

Germany Too Affected By Heat Waves

Aside from launching a dedicated website for towns and local authorities to determine the measures they can take, health minister Karl Lauterbach said authorities are also examining how best to issue warnings about impending heat waves

By PTI 27/06/2023

UP Heat Wave Made At Least Two Times More Likely By Climate Change: Analysis

Researchers from Climate Central have assessed the frequency and magnitude of temperature deviations from the historical average in their study using a methodology called the Climate Shift Index

By Outlook Planet Desk 23/06/2023

Air Conditioning In India Poses Risk Of Dramatic Rise In Emissions: Study

More air conditioning will bring benefits to the population by reducing the heat exposure connected to global warming

By PTI 22/06/2023

Need To Incorporate Heat Stress Indices into Communication of Dangerous Heat Waves

Researchers argue that other climatic characteristics, such as humidity, should be considered to properly explain the impacts of acute heat stress scenarios

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/05/2023

Glacier Melting Seasons And Wildfires To Become More Intense Due To Heat Waves

In some countries, the risk of heat waves is rising due to growing populations and inadequate healthcare and energy supplies

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/05/2023

District Cooling For Circular Economy And Building A Greener Future For India

One major benefit of using this system is that it effectively applies the principles of circularity to support and enable multi-energy systems.

By Sudheer Perla 27/04/2023

Heat Action Plans Not Geared Towards Local Communities: Report 

To assess how well-prepared the country is for heatwaves, the Centre for Policy Research has examined 37 HAPs in 18 states    

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/03/2023