COVID-19: 7 Diet And Lifestyle Tips For Adolescents

Here are seven ways to help adolescents ensure they have a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle that will support building their immunity and overall wellbeing.

By Outlook Planet Desk 14/09/2020

We Need A Jan Andolan For A Malnutrition-Free India

We have only a small window of opportunity before our demographic dividend ends. We must make the most of it.

By Vinay Sahasrabuddhe 02/09/2020

RAHI Khichdi Mix Targets Hunger And Nutrition Of Millions Amid COVID

Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI) has served over 2.5 million meals to vulnerable groups in 38 districts across 9 states in the country worst hit by COVID and subsequent lockdown. Dola Mohapatra, Executive Director, RAHI, tells LoLa Nayar that nearly 85% of...

By Lola Nayar 03/12/2022

6.7 M Children Under 5 Could Suffer From Wasting Due To COVID-19

As part of its Reimagine campaign, UNICEF calls for accelerated action to prevent and treat malnutrition caused by pandemic

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/07/2020

Want Food Security? Try Agroecology

Decentralised, local community-owned food systems based on shorter food supply chains that can cope with future shocks are now needed more than ever.

By Colin Todhunter 03/07/2020

To Beat COVID, Eating Enough Is Not Enough

While ensuring food and economic security for the poor is obviously a high priority, we cannot ignore the clear linkage between unhealthy diets and the severity of the pandemic.

By Devesh Roy 29/06/2020

Odisha Needs Help To Stave Off Hunger And Starvation, Warn Experts

Several eminent economists and experts said enhanced food distribution and employment schemes could ease the plight of the poor hit by the pandemic and lockdown .

By Outlook Planet Desk 22/06/2020