India To Lead In Sustainable Techs: Honeywell Chief Scientist

The company recently established a sustainability centre of excellence (CoE) in Madurai, Tamil Nadu to serve as a hub for support in engineering, innovation, and collaboration on sustainability initiatives

By PTI 19/09/2023

Four Ps - Peace, Prosperity, Planet, And People - Main Takeaways Of Modi's US Visit: Garcetti

This visit will go down in history as the turning of a page and the starting of a bold new chapter in America and India relations,  Eric Garcetti, US Ambassador to India, told the media

By PTI 26/06/2023

Farmers Need To Be Empowered With Digital Technology

Climate change is causing extreme weather events more and more frequently while these challenges are felt most by the Global South, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

By PTI 16/06/2023

Repurposing Used Batteries

Multi-life utilisation refers to the process of repurposing used batteries for a second or even third life. This can be achieved through refurbishment or recycling 

By Sudhindra Reddy 25/05/2023

 India-Italy Talks Focus On Sustainability 

On the sustainability issue, Goyal underlined the government's commitment to build its capacity in renewable energy in order to have a more sustainable and low-carbon economy

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/04/2023

SCO Millet Food Festival Begins

The public can savour a variety of cuisines made of different millets prepared by chefs from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan, Russia and India

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/04/2023

G20 Development Working Group Focuses On Green Agenda

The discussions of the DWG meetings would feed into the deliberations of the G20 Development Ministerial Meeting

By PTI 10/04/2023

ESG Can Create Strong Emotional Affinities With Brands

Consumers are seeking and in turn forcing brands to clarify what exactly is the impact on the environment arising out of the products they sell

By Anil Pillai 05/04/2023

Rethinking Design Parameters Can Lead To Green Business Model Innovation 

It is essential to put the customer at the heart of the (sustainability) proposition because it is in the use of products from cars to buildings over their lifecycle that the benefits of sustainability can truly be realised

By Anubhav Gupta 31/03/2023

SEBI To Introduce Regulatory Framework On ESG Disclosures

Taking into account the fact that the emerging markets have environmental and social challenges that differ, the ESG Rating Providers (ERPs) “shall be required to consider India/Emerging Market parameters in ESG Ratings”

By Naina Gautam 30/03/2023