Global Energy Employment Soars In 2022, Led By Clean Energy Growth

The International Energy Agency's report reveals a surge in energy sector jobs driven by clean energy investments, with solar PV and electric vehicles leading the way

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/11/2023

Innovative Green Practices To Transform Warehouses

Sustainable warehouses prioritise energy-efficient design, incorporating technologies such as solar panels, LED lighting, optimised HVAC systems, and advanced monitoring systems

By Ramnath Subramaniam 13/09/2023

World Still Tilts Towards Fossil Fuels

Powerful energy industry interests also sway decisions about investments in future capacity, often in favour of fossil fuels 

By Associated Press 25/05/2023

Green Hydrogen Company Ohmium Raises $250M

Ohmium, a firm based in Silicon Valley, revealed on Wednesday that it has raised $250 million to expand development of equipment that can produce clean hydrogen and supplant fossil fuels

By Associated Press (AP) 27/04/2023

More Than Half Of Three-Wheelers In India In 2022 Were Electric Vehicles

In many developing economies, two- or three-wheelers offer a cost-effective way to access transportation, making their electrification essential to fostering sustainable development.

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/04/2023

Bengaluru To Host 3-day G20 Energy Transition Working Group Meet From Feb 5

Energy transition by filling up technological gaps, affordable finance for energy transition, energy security and diversified supply chains, energy efficiency, and other topics will be taken up during the first meet

By PTI 30/01/2023