65 Countries Set Record High Temperatures In August: Report

Last month was the warmest August since 1850, with particularly warm conditions prevailing in parts of countries like India

By PTI 16/09/2023

We Must Prepare For The Likely El Nino-Induced Drought

El-Nino is anticipated to return by the middle of 2023, thus it is essential to take a proactive approach with both short-term and long-term remedies

By Parul Jain 21/06/2023

Study Provides More Proof That Climate Change Is Caused By Humans

This study dispels the fallacy that says we shouldn't be concerned about climate change because it is entirely natural. 

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/05/2023

El Nino expected to return, likely to fuel spike in global temperatures: WMO

After three years in a row of an extremely tenacious and prolonged La Nina, the El Nino event may occur

By PTI 03/03/2023