Global Li-Ion Battery Market Projected At $180.70 Billion By 2030

The global lithium-ion batteries market is set for explosive growth, driven by the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions, particularly in the automotive sector, and the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles

By Outlook Planet Desk 24/02/2024

Battery Rejuvenation As A Key Element In Circular Economy

As the demand for battery rises, coupled with the surge in resource-intensive mining, environmental issues intensify. To address this, India needs to adopt a circular economy approach and explore innovative battery rejuvenation techniques

By Kavinder Khurana 19/02/2024

Recycling Key To Make Lithium-Ion Batteries Climate Friendly

Developing more efficient batteries and advancing e-waste recycling methodologies become increasingly important to mitigate environmental impact and create a more sustainable future

By Rajesh Gupta 14/02/2024

Corporate Funding In Energy Storage Falls 31% To $15.2 Bn: Mercom Capital

However, during the July-September quarter, the segment attracted $8.2 billion investment, up 32 per cent year-on-year over $6.2 billion raised in the same period of 2022

By PTI 03/11/2023

Diversification Of Solar Manufacturing And Supply Chains Must To Achieve Net-Zero Emission Goal: R K Singh

Today, about 90 per cent of the solar manufacturing capacity is in one country, mostly dependent on lithium ion, which raises supply chain challenges

By PTI 02/11/2023

LOHUM, Log9 Partner For Sustainable Battery Disposal In EV Industry

LOHUM and Log9 aim to establish a stable and innovative framework for the responsible disposal of Log9's LTO batteries

By Outlook Planet Desk 07/10/2023

Celebi India To Invest Around $80 Million In 4 Years As It Eyes More Airports

The future investment by the company will be purely electric with Li-ion batteries, with existing equipment being converted to electric with LI-ion

By PTI 25/09/2023

Battery Rejuvenation Key To Enabling Circular Economy

Lead-acid batteries, commonly used in EVs, tend to deteriorate over time, leading to reduced capacity and performance. Battery rejuvenation aims to reverse this degradation by restoring the battery to a state close to its original condition

By Kavinder Khurana 18/09/2023

Battery Recycling Holds Key To Green Transportation

World EV Day 2023: Only about 5 per cent of lithium-ion batteries are recycled globally, much lower than other e-waste categories like computers and TVs, as per the International Energy Agency

By Utkarsh Singh 09/09/2023

Critical Minerals Core To Sustainable Development

A FICCI report on New Age Energy Minerals talks about their availability, demand forecast and entire value chain. including end-use applications

By PTI 17/06/2023