Bonn Climate Talks End Without Concrete Conclusions On Finance

Rich countries have already failed to fulfil their promise of providing $100 billion, pledged at the Copenhagen COP in 2009, to help developing countries combat climate change

By PTI 16/06/2023

High Emitters Owe India Compensation: New Study 

Despite accounting for more than 17 percent of the global population, India has contributed only about 4 percent of the global cumulative greenhouse gas emissions

By PTI 06/06/2023

Call For Funding UN's $7 Billion Appeal For Horn Of Africa 

Persistent conflict in some of the affected areas, combined with climate change effects, have contributed to the growing crisis 

By Associated Press 23/05/2023

Global Citizen Launches Campaign To Mobilise Critical Financing For Climate Change

An alliance of world leaders representing both Global North and Global South countries has joined the Power Our Planet campaign  

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/04/2023

IPCC Report Simplified

While coming out with a “how to guide to defuse the climate time- bomb”, the IPCC has as usual begun with employing difficult-to-understand climate language

By Naina Gautam 23/03/2023

G20 An Opportunity To Focus On Climate Finance By Developing Nations

The developing and emerging economies can discuss about climate finance, energy transition, loss and damage fund, green energy technology at the G20 platform, say environmentalists 

By PTI 21/01/2023

Loss And Damage Fund Major Gain At COP27  

The loss and damage fund conversation was pushed by the G77 plus China group of developing countries. The group of countries is vulnerable to the impacts of climate disasters.

By Naina Gautam 21/11/2022