CSR Key To Achieve Positive Transformation

The need for collaboration between the private sector and government in the realm of CSR is not just a choice; it is an imperative

By Shaina Ganapathy 13/10/2023

Sustainability Top Third Issue Globally: Semrush Index

While mental health and the war on drugs are the top most searched issues in Asia, in Europe, online interest in energy followed by that in pollution and sustainability grew significantly over the past three years

By Outlook Planet Desk 28/09/2023

Going Beyond Funding As A Philanthropist

Collaboration with partner organisations is vital in philanthropy. Learning from their work, recognising their challenges, and supporting them in achieving their goals is key to creating sustainable impact

By Harsh Mariwala 26/08/2023

How To Take Care Of Mental Health Among Children During Pandemic

Today’s hectic schedules – attending zoom classes, appearing for online exams, not going out to play with your friends, and no activities have left children feeling drained, with a lack of concentration.

By Eshita Bhargava 09/11/2020

How Covid Misinformation Triggers Your Mental Health

Research shows that social media and the spread of misinformation are linked to the hindrance of mental wellbeing like fake news induces paranoia.

By Dr. Sameer Kalani 07/11/2020

8 Natural Ways To Boost Mental Health

Did you know stress, headaches, nervousness, anger, fatigue are due to the deficiency of certain vitamins/minerals in your diet?

By Aman Puri 29/10/2020

How To Eat Right, Bite By Bite

The pandemic has changed our eating habits dramatically, often ignoring our nutrition needs without realising it. But ensuring that we get the right nutrition is not all that difficult.

By Bipasha Das 13/09/2020

Make Every Day A Yoga Day

International Yoga Day serves to remind us of the need to invest in our physical and mental health as a long term plan

By Dr Shweta Khandelwal 21/06/2020

10 Tips: Glow With Good Inner Health

Your stomach is the biggest guide to your health. And it’s not just about what you eat or drink.

By Karthigaiselvi A 14/05/2020

P-O-S-H-A-N: How The Six Letters Hide Six Core Nutrition Concepts

To celebrate the Poshan Week, remember the smart acronym P-O-S-H-A-N and pep up your daily diet

By Charupadma Pati 07/09/2019