Sustainable Power Supply With Decreased Emissions

New emission norms ensure that gensets reduce particulate matter and harmful oxides of nitrogen in exhaust by approximately 90 percent

By Shveta Arya 19/02/2024

India's New Green Revolution Targets Ambitious Net Zero Goals

The comprehensive initiatives in 2023 marked significant progress towards a sustainable future, encompassing green credits, circular economy, G20 collaborations, air quality enhancements, and ambitious renewable energy targets

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/12/2023

Reimagining Growth in a Net Zero World

Implementing a sustainable vision necessitates a collaborative, integrated approach across various organisational functions, including aligning financial and sustainability information and budgeting for decarbonisation and climate change mitigation efforts

By Sandeep Chandna 27/12/2023

Cairn Oil & Gas Starts Nature-Based Drive To Decarbonise Operations

Cairn's mangrove initiative, aiming for net zero, unleashes the power of nature in carbon sequestration and biodiversity preservation

By Outlook Planet Desk 07/12/2023

IMF Forecasts $ 5 Trillion Annual Green Investment Requirement By 2030

As COP28 Looms, IMF calls for accelerated private sector Involvement and Technology Innovation to Achieve Net-Zero Goals by 2050

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/11/2023

India Invites Global South To Join Biofuel Alliance

A global alliance for promoting biofuels was launched at the Group of 20 leaders meeting in September with a view to reducing emissions in the transportation and industrial sectors

By PTI 18/11/2023

Asia-Pacific Climate Initiatives Target Net Zero Cities

The zero-carbon buildings accelerator initiative works towards converting all buildings to 'net zero' status by 2050

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/11/2023

CLI Pours Over S$500 Million Into Chennai Over Next Five Years Across Multiple Asset Classes

IGBC has recognised it as a net zero park for energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste management

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/11/2023

Diversification Of Solar Manufacturing And Supply Chains Must To Achieve Net-Zero Emission Goal: R K Singh

Today, about 90 per cent of the solar manufacturing capacity is in one country, mostly dependent on lithium ion, which raises supply chain challenges

By PTI 02/11/2023

Petronas, GIC To Invest In Green Ammonia Project In India

The 5 million tonnes of green ammonia produced is equivalent to approximately 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen and would represent 20 per cent of india's target for green hydrogen production by 2030

By PTI 31/10/2023