Championing Green Energy And Industrial Eco-Practices

Implementing sustainable practices, cutting resource use, and optimising operations make today's change agents tomorrow's winners. While impactful efforts might be costlier initially, the long-term gains justify these investments

By Ajay Sharma 19/02/2024

Asia-Pacific Climate Initiatives Target Net Zero Cities

The zero-carbon buildings accelerator initiative works towards converting all buildings to 'net zero' status by 2050

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/11/2023

CLI Pours Over S$500 Million Into Chennai Over Next Five Years Across Multiple Asset Classes

IGBC has recognised it as a net zero park for energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste management

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/11/2023

India's Net Zero Emissions Target Little Too Long-Term: Hardeep Puri

India is moving fast towards energy transition and stated that for GAIL, BPCL and others the energy transition target is 2035 to 2040, said the minister

By PTI 09/10/2023

Methane Management Gains Attention

It is the second leading cause of climate change after carbon dioxide

By PTI 24/05/2023

How Technology Is Driving Sustainability In Real Estate

Technology plays a pivotal role in driving sustainability in real estate through a range of innovative solutions. From energy-efficient buildings and smart homes to green roofs and advanced building information modelling

By Sudhir Pai 15/05/2023

Coal Industry Remains The Most Desirable Employer Due To Job Security

85% Of Those active in the Jharkhand coal ecosystem prefer reskilling programmes as India moves towards energy transition

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/04/2023