Watch: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Nutrition In India

Eminent experts discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a spike in malnutrition in India

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/01/2021

Study Suggests Covid Positive Mothers Transferred Immunity To Babies

According to the research, there was no evidence of mother-to-child transmission of the coronavirus via breast milk or placenta.

By PTI 18/12/2020

7 Tips On Lung Health Post Covid

If you've been infected by the coronavirus, follow these steps to take care of your lungs.

By Bipasha Das 12/12/2020

Odisha Needs Help To Stave Off Hunger And Starvation, Warn Experts

Several eminent economists and experts said enhanced food distribution and employment schemes could ease the plight of the poor hit by the pandemic and lockdown .

By Outlook Planet Desk 22/06/2020

1.9 Million More Nurses, Midwives Needed In South-Asia Region To Achieve Health For All: WHO Report

The theme of the World Health Day, which marks the foundation of WHO, is support and strengthen the nursing and midwifery workforce.

By Outlook Planet Desk 07/04/2020

Breastfeeding During A Pandemic

By Dr Rupal Dalal 09/04/2020

Try These Natural Immune System Boosters

By Bipasha Das 13/05/2020