Planning A Kitchen Garden? Here’s A Primer For You

Stop fretting over pesticides and toxic chemicals in your food. Grow fresh vegetables and fruits at home.

By Sanjeev Chowdhury 08/03/2021

A Diet To Prevent, Cure Fatty Liver

Almost a third of our population suffers from fatty liver ailments. Here's some diet tips to minimise the risk.

By Bipasha Das 22/01/2021

Commitment To Action: Ensuring Nutrition Financing In India

While low revenues due to the pandemic may mean substantial funds for nutrition may not be possible, there are still ways to ensure more nutrition for the money. Here’s how.

By Avani Kapur 14/12/2020

Healthy Snack/Lunch Recipes For Adolescents: Part1

Adolescents need a proper diet containing both body building and protective foods as they are important for growth spurt, maturation and bone development. Here are some freshly prepared recipes:

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/10/2020

For The Best Nutrition, Go Local

Locally available produce is not only fresher and cheaper, they are usually far more nutritious.

By Dr Satish Tiwari 29/09/2020

How To Eat Right, Bite By Bite

The pandemic has changed our eating habits dramatically, often ignoring our nutrition needs without realising it. But ensuring that we get the right nutrition is not all that difficult.

By Bipasha Das 13/09/2020

Can Nutri-Gardens Beat Malnutrition?

If handled right, nutri-gardens could be a game changer in the way we as a nation deal with ensuring proper nutrition

By Akshita Bansal 02/07/2020