A Look At The Most Harmful Food Articles Endorsed By The Celebrities

A 1.25 Litres bottle of soft drink will have approximately 135 grams of added sugar, having about 540 empty calories.

By Satyendra Garg 15/06/2021

Covid Diet: Here’s What You Should Eat Post Recovery

Coronavirus diet: The Covid-19 patients with severe conditions are at a major risk of malnutrition and sarcopenia.

By Bipasha Das 11/06/2021

Importance Of Nutrition In The First Three Years Of Life

Brain growth is most dependent on food and nutrition. Here are some tips for the first crucial years of an infant

By Amreen Sheikh 24/04/2021

Food Consumption Post-vaccination

Our gut plays a crucial role in improving our immunity, here’s why you should start considering Covid-19 vaccine as an opportunity to kick-start a healthier regimen

By Ms. Muthulakshmi 22/04/2021

A Healthy Diet To Ensure A Best Exam Day

From vegetables to nuts, here are some of the food suggestions that will come to your rescue for future examination days

By Bipasha Das 22/04/2021

Wanted: A Poshan Plus Strategy To Deal With Malnutrition

Niti Aayog flags gaps and challenges in the implementation of Poshan Abhiyan in various states

By Prakash Kumar 19/01/2021

Scientists Reveal How T Cells, Antibodies Protect Against Covid Infection

The study, published in the journal sheds light on the role of antibodies and immune cells in protection against SARS-CoV-2

By PTI 06/12/2020

Nutrition Stakeholders Pledge To Work Together To Fight Pandemic

A broad range of stakeholders working on nutrition in India have joined forces to ensure nutrition stays in focus in these troubled times

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/02/2021

Anaemia During Pregnancy Leads To Maternal Mortality, Morbidity: Medical Experts

There is a need to intensify efforts to address all causes of anaemia, say healthcare experts

By PTI 30/11/2020

How Telenutrition Helped This Small Town

How the newly launched telenutrition facility in the Pilibhit district is solving nutrition issues of various families in the tough times of Covid-19.

By Pulkit Khare 27/11/2020