Plant-Based Proteins Support Sustainable Food Systems

Studies show how both people and the planet gain from shifting to a diet rich in plant-based proteins as well as more vegetables and fruits on the daily plate

By Arun Sriram 29/01/2023

We Have Learned To Appreciate Indigenous Foods In This Pandemic, Says Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

I’ve always followed one thing all my life when it comes to cooking, ‘keeping things simple.’

By Eshita Bhargava 10/10/2020

'The Impact On Nutrition Will Be Huge'

Former Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Alok Ranjan believes the pandemic-induced lockdowns will lead to a major spike in malnutrition and other nutrition related ailments.

By Outlook Planet Desk 22/09/2020

The Food That You Have Eaten Always Is Under Threat As Modern Eating Takes Over

Tips On Why You Should Go Traditional With Your Food

By Bipasha Das 08/11/2019

Do Food Safely

Key Tips On How To Take Nutrition Beyond Food

By Bipasha Das 14/05/2020

Paushtik Ahar

Brush up on the art and craft of wholesome eating

By Bipasha Das 05/09/2019

How Dieting As A Teen Can Hurt You Later

Young people often go on severely limited diets to quickly drop weight, but drastic calorie reduction burns up essential muscles and tissues.

By Bipasha Das 22/08/2019

Nutrition Tips for Pregnant Women During Monsoon Season

Pregnancy is a crucial phase in a woman's life. Here are some quick tips that are useful to pregnant women during the monsoon season, to keep themselves away from risks and unknown dangers, that the season might bring with itself.

By Bipasha Das 14/05/2020