A LiFE Initiative To Create Awareness And Promote Millets Among Students And Farmers

In order to influence habit, Soumya Swaminathan, chair of the MSSRF, emphasised the necessity for extensive training on nutrition and food awareness.

By Outlook Planet Desk 03/05/2023

Getting Fit For The Force: Heaviest Police Official In Andaman & Nicobar Police Reduces 13.5 Kg In A Month

At a whopping 140 Kilograms he turned out to have the maximum weight amongst the 4,304 police officials. His BMI was 49.60 putting him into Obesity Class III category.

By Satyendra Garg 04/08/2021

How Clear Front of Pack Labelling Can Make Us Eat And Live Better

They say a stitch in time saves nine. It’s time to apply that principle to bring about and execute effective FOPL norms in our country

By Ashim Sanyal 09/04/2021

Parents: Here’s How To Fight Childhood Obesity 

Making easy changes in the everyday routine of children can keep the surging adverse effects of childhood obesity at bay 

By Ritika Samaddar 20/02/2021

Family Health Survey Notes Surge In Obesity In Kids Under 5

Not just children, rise in obesity has even been recorded in adults in the latest NFHS survey in comparison to NFHS-4.

By PTI 15/12/2020

It's Time To Weigh The Cost Of Obesity

As India marks anti-obesity day, let's look at the immense cost of being an overweight nation

By Dr Shweta Khandelwal 26/11/2020

How To Take Care Of Mental Health Among Children During Pandemic

Today’s hectic schedules – attending zoom classes, appearing for online exams, not going out to play with your friends, and no activities have left children feeling drained, with a lack of concentration.

By Eshita Bhargava 09/11/2020

How This Couple Lost 32 Kg In A Few Months

Inspired by an article on Poshan, this couple followed a 'Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat diet' with intermittent fasting to get incredible results

By Satyendra Garg 02/10/2020

Want To Avoid Trans Fats In Your Food? Here's How

Read the nutrition facts /food labels carefully: avoid those that have ‘hydrogenated oils’, ‘partially hydrogenated oils’ or ‘shortenings’ in the ingredients list

By Dr Meghana Pasi 18/09/2020

COVID-19: 7 Diet And Lifestyle Tips For Adolescents

Here are seven ways to help adolescents ensure they have a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle that will support building their immunity and overall wellbeing.

By Outlook Planet Desk 14/09/2020