Climate Changes Colour Of 56% Of World's Oceans

The green colour of the ocean waters comes from the green pigment chlorophyll present in phytoplankton, the plant-like microbes abundant in upper ocean. Scientists are, therefore, keen to monitor phytoplankton to see their response to climate change

By PTI 13/07/2023

Conditions For Coral Reefs To Worsen

Scientists find that hypoxia is already happening in some reef habitats now, and is expected to get worse if ocean temperatures continue to warm due to climate change 

By PTI 17/03/2023

Women Are Both Climate Victims And Solution Providers

International Women’s Day is an apt occasion to emphasise that equal representation and participation of women at decision-making tables at all levels should be a top priority to serve the true purpose of the 2030 Agenda in the fight against climate change

By Elsie Gabriel 08/03/2023

How Much Will Our Oceans Warm And Cause Sea Levels To Rise This Century? We’ve Just Improved Our Estimate

Our analysis shows that without dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, by the end of this century the upper 2,000 metres of the ocean is likely to warm by 11-15 times the amount of warming observed during 2005-19.

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/09/2021