Embracing Compostable Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Owing to the high-usage rate of FMCG products and sustainability commitments, regenerative packaging is the way forward to reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste

By Jagdeep Hira 06/11/2023

Ericsson Focuses On Sustainable Supply Chain

In addition to eliminating plastics and being fully recyclable, calculations show that the carbon dioxide equivalent impact of the new packaging from cradle to grave reaches a balanced or better result compared to existing solutions

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/08/2023

Redefining Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

World Environment Day 2023: The disposal and recyclability of plastic are of utmost importance today which requires a supportive environment from stakeholders across levels

By Ashok Jaipuria 05/06/2023

Pro-Planet Packaging Picks Up

With the growing focus on circular economy, the market space for biodegradable, recyclable and reusable material is set to increase

By Naina Gautam 29/03/2023