Negotiations Resume On Global Treaty On Plastic Pollution

Based on the previous zero draft, the talks seek to shape a transformative path to tackle plastic pollution across its entire lifecycle

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/11/2023

Recycling Aseptic Packaging Begins To Move

Companies like UFlex, which are high on circularity, lead the way

By Nandini Keshari 23/10/2023

Railway Ministry To Educate People To Use Bio-Toilets

It has planned an extensive awareness campaign to be carried out through digital media or public announcement systems to educate people about the use of bio-toilets, avoiding single-use plastic and observing cleanliness habits

By PTI 16/09/2023

Installation Art Made Out Of Plastic Bottles Draws Crowds At Onam Display

Erected with the intention of creating awareness among the public about the accumulating plastic waste choking up the planet, the installation got its inputs from plastic-bottles passengers used and left at Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station during...

By PTI 29/08/2023

Ericsson Focuses On Sustainable Supply Chain

In addition to eliminating plastics and being fully recyclable, calculations show that the carbon dioxide equivalent impact of the new packaging from cradle to grave reaches a balanced or better result compared to existing solutions

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/08/2023

Tripura CM Appeals To People To Keep The Former Royal Palace Plastic Free 

After Padma Shri recipient Sudha Murthy, who had just visited the northeastern state, expressed dismay at the filthy conditions of the Neermahal grounds, Manik Saha made the plea

By Outlook Planet Desk 20/06/2023

Need Circular Economy To Achieve Just Transition

World Environment Day 2023: An efficient 'just transition' strategy must incorporate widespread adoption of a circular material-use model, energy efficiency, and waste-disposal practices

By Dr. Praveen Saxena 05/06/2023

Plastic Water Bottles, Poison In Disguise

World Environment Day 2023: We need to minimise the usage of plastic water bottles since, despite being aware of the negative impacts of plastic, affluent India remains obsessed with plastic water bottles

By Ganesh Iyer 05/06/2023

100 MMT Of Single-Use Plastic Need To Be Dealt With Annually By 2040: UNEP 

Plastic pollution could reduce by 80 per cent by 2040 if countries and companies make deep policy and market shifts using existing technologies, according to a new report by UNEP

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/05/2023

Will A Nationwide Ban On Single-Use Plastic From July Kill The Polluting Monster?

As the Centre gears up to implement a nationwide ban on single-use plastic from July 1, experts tell us we need to go beyond bans to take on the plastic menace

By Shailaja Tripathi 02/06/2022