World Bank Funding To Help Kerala Deal With Climate Change

CPI (M) state secretary said it was an important development for Kerala as it was one of the states, which faces most number of natural disasters, has to deal with a number of communicable diseases and is significantly affected by climate change

By PTI 19/06/2023

India Among Countries With Highest Vaccine Confidence: UNICEF Report

The Report warns a total of 67 million children missed out on vaccinations between 2019 and 2021, with vaccination coverage levels decreasing in 112 countries

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/04/2023

Future Awaits For EV

With the advent of EVs, a lot of technological transformation has also come into play. For instance, the engine from traditional ICEs is replaced by a battery, accompanying a Battery Management System (BMS), while transmission has been replaced by a motor and...

By PTI 17/04/2023

Community Seed Banks In India Help Reintroduce Millets

 An FAO initiative seeks to increase resilience in farming practices, enhance nutrition and support livelihoods by reintroducing and improving farmers’ access to oilseeds, pulses and small grains  

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/04/2023

Upcoming Global Conference On Biogas To Make Policy Recommendations

Promoted by SATAT Scheme (Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation), compressed biogas has an important role in emission reduction 

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/04/2023

 India-Italy Talks Focus On Sustainability 

On the sustainability issue, Goyal underlined the government's commitment to build its capacity in renewable energy in order to have a more sustainable and low-carbon economy

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/04/2023

Planet Warming Methane Creates Cooling Clouds, Too, To Offset Heat: New Study

Methane remains a potent contributor to global warming, and efforts to reduce methane emissions are vital for keeping global warming well below 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial values 

By PTI 27/03/2023

PFC, REC Face Stagnating Growth And Declining Profits

Cost advantages for renewable technologies, declining profitability in the thermal power sector and climate change concerns have caused a decline in new coal power projects being built, even as private investment has flocked to India’s renewable energy...

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/03/2023

A synergistic approach is key to achieve better nutrition outcomes

Nutrition sensitive interventions coupled with community participation can lead to transformational improvement in indicators

By Nikhil Raj & Roopashree Shanker 18/04/2022

Strong Front Of Package Labelling Must To Stem The Scourge Of Non Communicable Diseases

Nearly 5.8 million people or 1 in 4 Indians are at a risk of dying from an NCD before they reach the age of 70

By Outlook Planet Desk 23/03/2021