India Ranks 111th On Global Hunger Index 2023

South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara are the world regions with the highest hunger levels, with a GHI score of 27 each, indicating serious hunger

By PTI 13/10/2023

Undernutrition In India Big Concern, Urgent Attention Needed: Experts

According to the Global Food Policy Report (GFPR) 2023, published this week by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), there were 768 million undernourished people worldwide in 2021, up 34.2% from the anticipated 572 million in 2014

By PTI 22/06/2023

Poshan Bhi Padhai Bhi Initiative To Focus On Overall Development Of Children

With ‘Poshan bhi Padhai bhi, government has taken up the goal of strengthening the foundations of the country’s future generations. Government will target children’s development in every domain mentioned in the National Curriculum Framework

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/05/2023

Bringing Millets Back To Our Plates

Widely recognised as a super food, millets play a crucial role in transforming health, nutrition, agri-food systems and climate across the globe as they are nutrient rich, carbon neutral and resource efficient

By Vedeika Shekhar 07/05/2023

Consistent Improvement In Maternal Health Indicators

India has succeeded in reducing its maternal mortality ratio (MMR), marking an important milestone 

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/04/2023

One Health Framework Pilot Launched In Uttarakhand

By developing the One Health Framework, India will successfully address the need for efficient disease reporting and response coordination and optimum utilisation of resources

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/04/2023

India's Next Major Lifestyle Challenge

Apart from regular exercises, eating a healthy, balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats can help keep the liver healthy. Liver diseases are an emerging health concern in the country

By Darius Mirza 06/04/2023

Poshan Pakhwada To Focus On Millets

With the declaration of 2023 as the International Year of Millets, this year the focus of Poshan Pakhwada will be to popularise ‘Shree Anna’ -- the mother of all grains -- as a valuable asset to address malnutrition

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/03/2023

Economic Survey 2023: Ensuring High Quality Healthcare For All

Economic Survey 2023 discussed the accomplishments of India's healthcare and nutritional programmes

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/02/2023

Right To Nutrition Is Fundamental To Right To Life

Both food and nutrition security are well recognised in the Indian legal system

By Ishanee Sharma 03/01/2023