Number Of Poor People in India Dropped By About 415 Million in 15 Years: UN

India is an important case study on poverty reduction in all its dimensions

By Ritu Jha 03/01/2023

Covid-19 Hits Maternal Care, Underlines Gender Divide

The status of women in their families is a key factor in maternal health, besides poverty, caste, education and nutrition

By Poonam Muttreja 24/09/2021

Hunger Study Predicts 168,000 Pandemic-Linked Child Deaths

Before the pandemic, the number of stunted children declined globally each year, from 199.5 million in 2000 to 144 million in 2019.

By Associated Press (AP) 15/12/2020

Hunger, In Black And White

On World Hunger Day, an ace photographer’s walk down hunger lane is made more poignant by the pandemic which haunts us today.

By Sudharak Olwe 30/05/2020

Nutrition, Poverty And Women Power

An anganwadi worker in Odisha’s poorest tribal district epitomises how change can, and must begin from the grassroots

By Aiswarya Biswal 16/05/2020

Race To Realise Guru Nanak’s Dream of A Malnourishment-Free India

An inspiring story of an ultra-marathoner who undertook a cross-country run to raise funds and promote awareness for a hunger-free India.

By Charupadma Pati 01/02/2021

What Of The Teenage Mother?

A new study for the first time provides evidence of the dangerous link between adolescence pregnancy and undernutrition. A grave and urgent issue in the fight against malnutrition for India

By Girinandini Singh 16/09/2019

Why Chalk Is The Ultimate Nutrient

Getting girls into and keeping them in school, gives them a voice within the family and the community, and the power to influence decisions on motherhood and nutrition.

By Manjula Singh 29/08/2019

Reshma Shankar Dhote, A Nutrition Warrior

Here’s the story of a woman who transformed the nutrition profile of her village Bihali in Maharashtra

By Charupadma Pati 14/05/2020