Competitive Edge Of Green Buildings

Collaboration between developers, policymakers, and stakeholders is paramount in navigating the complexities of the real estate landscape. Industry-wide initiatives, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing can expedite the transition to more sustainable practises

By Deep Vadodaria 27/11/2023

Aiming For Green Real Estate Revolution

Effective sustainable real estate strategy optimises economic, social, and environmental aspects of investments, while minimising risks and maximising returns 

By Raghuvinder Singh Pathania 22/11/2023

Lodha And RMI: Leading India Towards A Sustainable Urban Future

Empowering net-zero initiatives with innovation and commitment for a greener tomorrow

By Naina Gautam 17/10/2023

Building A Sustainable Future: The Need For Greener Supply Chains In The Real Estate Industry

Sustainable products and sustainable companies result in better safety, health and well-being of the product users and well as the manufacturers work force

By Aun Abdullah 22/08/2023

Driving India’s Green Growth: Realty Players Take On Net Zero Targets

Modern-day consumers are progressively becoming conscious of their purchase decisions, particularly high-value real estate investments, and are opting for companies that are proactive and clear about their green manifesto

By Dushyant Ahuja 17/08/2023

Real Estate Sector Embraces ESG

Sustainable building designs incorporating features like green roofs, solar panels, and energy-efficient windows will be adopted by more companies that see  value in going green   

By Pk Mishra 19/05/2023

Earth Day 2023: How To Realise Green Real Estate Market’s Untapped Demand For Sustainable Products And Solutions

The advent of asset classes, such as real estate investment trusts (REITs), has spurred investments in sustainable assets.

By Alok Aggarwal 22/04/2023

Sustainable Buildings Will Help The Country To Meet The Challenge Of Climate Change: Piyush Goyal

India will also become the third largest construction market globally in the next few years and the second largest employer from the real estate 

By PTI 16/04/2023

World Water Day: The Real Estate Sector Can Help With Water Conservation

In order to achieve sustainable development, it is essential to expedite and execute water conservation measures in the real estate sector, one of India's top consumers of water

By Nirav Dalal 22/03/2023