Waste-To-Art Park Inaugurated In Delhi

Lieutenant governor V K Saxena said sculptures depicting birds from G20 countries have been showcased at the waste-to-art park opened at Kautilya Marg in Chanakyapuri

By PTI 05/09/2023

India Moving Ahead With Clear Roadmap On Environment, Climate Change: PM Modi

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country is heavily emphasising the environment as part of its economic strategy

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/06/2023

Rethinking Plastic Packaging In E-Commerce: A Path To Sustainable Future

World Environment Day 2023: We can revolutionise packaging and promote a greener future for everyone by innovating and working together 

By Hemant Badri 05/06/2023

Redrawing Plastic Waste Management Landscape

World Environment Day 2023: We can drive the change required to effectively address plastic waste by embracing the concepts of the circular economy, utilising technology, establishing partnerships, empowering consumers, and campaigning for governmental reforms

By Abhay Deshpande 05/06/2023

Innovative Eco-Friendly Alternatives Required To Combat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2023: With the introduction of environmentally friendly alternatives, we must lay the foundation for a sustainable future

By Saurav Kumar 05/06/2023

Need To Change The Production, Use, And Disposal Of Plastic 

World Environment Day 2023: Plastics impact disclosure by corporations is a critical step towards removing plastics from the environment and improving the health of seas and freshwater ecosystems

By Prarthana Borah 05/06/2023

Climate Change Threatens India's Crop and Spice Production

World Environment Day 2023: To ensure a resilient future for both farmers and consumers, we must address climate change and work to restructure our food systems 

By Karan Panchal 05/06/2023

Environmental Sustainability Essential For Businesses

World Environment Day 2023: Firms are increasingly viewing sustainability as a strategic priority rather than a compliance need

By Prashant Gupta 05/06/2023

Falling Back On Nature For A Plastic-Free World

World Environment Day 2023: Plastic, initially hailed as a revolutionary material, has become an omnipresent pollutant. Its durability and resistance to degradation, qualities that once made it versatile, are now leading to its accumulation in our environment

By Vineet Mittal 05/06/2023

Technology Can Offer Practical Answers To Deal With Water Scarcity

We can significantly contribute to the preservation of our planet's precious water resources by implementing water-centric solutions like intelligent irrigation, low-flow fixtures, and greywater systems

By Anupam Vikram Joshi 06/05/2023