Those At Risk Have Made The Smallest Contributions To Climate Change: IPCC Report 

Though a recap of main findings from previous IPCC reports, the latest Synthesis Report also looks ahead, outlines policies and measures to curtail GHG emissions 

By Shailaja Tripathi 20/03/2023

India Highest-Ranked G20 country On The Climate Change Performance Index 2023: RBI Governor

The issue for the nation is to satisfy the predicted growth in energy demand and to quickly switch from fossil fuels to renewables because it is one of the fastest expanding economies in the world

By Outlook Planet Desk 20/03/2023

By 2030, Indian Railways Will Emit Zero Carbon

The railroad has taken a number of steps to lessen its carbon footprint

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/03/2023

PFC, REC Face Stagnating Growth And Declining Profits

Cost advantages for renewable technologies, declining profitability in the thermal power sector and climate change concerns have caused a decline in new coal power projects being built, even as private investment has flocked to India’s renewable energy...

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/03/2023

Domestic aluminium players need to make substantial investment to meet Net Zero target: ICRA

Domestic aluminium producers' ambitious goals of a 25% reduction in carbon emissions over the next five to seven years and achieving net-zero status by 2050 would need a significant increase in their use of renewable energy or low carbon-intensive power...

By PTI 13/03/2023

India's $3 Billion Green Loan Could Result In Debt With A Longer Maturity

India plans to sell debt with longer maturities and could offer up to 250 billion rupees ($3 billion) in green bonds in the upcoming fiscal year

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/03/2023

Renewable subsidies, higher tariffs on coal to result in lower emissions in India by 2030: Study

According to a study conducted by two IMF economists, combining subsidies for renewable energy with higher coal tariffs will reduce emissions by over one-third in India by 2030 compared to the existing policy

By PTI 08/03/2023

Power Ministry Mandates 40% Renewable Purchase Obligation For New Coal, Lignite-Based Thermal Plants

New coal- or lignite-based thermal plants must install renewable energy capacity equal to at least 40% of their capacity, or acquire that much green energy under a renewable purchase requirement, according to a directive from the Ministry of Electricity

By PTI 07/03/2023

Sagasahi, A Model Solar Village

A comprehensive approach has been taken to build this solar-powered community with 24 hour coverage of all the homes and public spaces

By PTI 07/03/2023

EVs Will Increase India's Dependence On China For Raw Materials, Battery Production: GTRI Report

According to a report by the economic think tank GTRI, the production of electric vehicles (EVs) in India will increase its reliance on China for raw materials, mineral processing, and battery production.

By PTI 07/03/2023