Adoption Of BRSR Framework Supports Firms In Pursuing Sustainability Goals

International ESG Day 2023: Embracing the BRSR framework and seeking reasonable assurance for core disclosures bestows a wide range of advantages, including heightened transparency, fortified reputational risk management, enhanced stakeholder engagement

By Madhu Sudan Kankani 29/11/2023

Energy Transition To Biofuels To Help Businesses Become ESG Friendly

The substitution of coal and diesel with eco-friendly biofuels reduces the emission of harmful gases that are detrimental to the environment and contribute to global warming

By Ashvin Patil 26/09/2023

Is SEBI’s BRSR Core Utilitarian Or Distractive? 

While SEBI’s intention is to bring reliability to ESG disclosures and ratings and reduce cost of compliance in defining BRSR Core, but BRSR Core may not fully deliver on these goals

By Bose K Varghese 13/07/2023

SEBI To Introduce Regulatory Framework On ESG Disclosures

Taking into account the fact that the emerging markets have environmental and social challenges that differ, the ESG Rating Providers (ERPs) “shall be required to consider India/Emerging Market parameters in ESG Ratings”

By Naina Gautam 30/03/2023

Green Bonds To Help Fuel Climate Action

RBI has come up with the India Sovereign Green Bond Framework, which is based on the Panchamrit concept announced by India at COP26, Glasgow

By Naina Gautam 20/03/2023

SEBI Offers A Regulatory Framework For Companies That Offer ESG Ratings

Although ERPs increasingly play a key role in investment decisions, the market regulator claimed in a consultation document that their activities are no longer typically subject to regulation or oversight

By PTI 24/02/2023

SEBI Lists Do’s And Don't To Deal With Greenwashing

The capital markets regulator has said that an issuer of green debt securities will have to ensure that it will not use misleading labels, hide trade-offs or cherry pick data from research to highlight green practices  

By PTI 06/02/2023

How Indian Businesses Can Grow Sustainably With ESG Approach

Companies need to adapt to the ever-evolving framework of ESG to make sure that the criteria are consistently and adequately met  

By Rajiv Tikoo 07/05/2022