Sustainable Financial Instruments Are Critical To Fund Transition: Katie McGinty

Johnson Controls is not just bringing innovations to India, but many cutting-edge innovations are also arising from its Centre of Excellence in India, says the vice president and chief sustainability and external relation officer at Johnson Controls

By Naina Gautam 13/03/2023

Crafting Green Products For Women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, Outlook Planet catches up with start-ups  high on sustainability when it comes to women’s products like garments, accessories, jewellery or cosmetics 

By Naina Gautam 08/03/2023

Cities Must Be Empowered To Balance Economic Prosperity And Environmental Impact: Hitesh Vaidya Of NIUA

India’s G20 Presidency and the Urban 20 (U20) Engagement Group are opportunities to emphasise that actions at city level can drive lasting positive outcomes for the world, underscoring the interconnectedness of the world and our shared future

By Naina Gautam 04/03/2023

EU's carbon tax to impact India's metal exports: GTRI

Beginning on October 1 of this year, the EU will implement the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM)

By PTI 01/03/2023

India To Miss Half Of Health SDG Indicators At Current Pace: The Lancet

Three-fourths of districts are off target for crucial SDG indicators like access to basic services, poverty, stunting and wasting of children, anaemia, child marriage, partner violence, tobacco use, and modern contraceptive use

By PTI 27/02/2023

Domestic ESG-Focused Companies Outperformed International Competitors: RBI

According to the RBI analysis of 18 economies with these frameworks, investors reward businesses that are pro-climate and pro-socially conscious

By PTI 20/02/2023

Adopt 3S Strategy To Address Global Food Security Concerns    

For sustainable agriculture, farmers should focus on 3S strategy - Smart, Sustainable and Serve - to achieve higher yields:  Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia 

By PTI 14/02/2023

LiFE Emerges As Key Issue At G20 Group Meeting

The importance of LiFE (Lifestyles for Environment) Principles was highlighted, as behaviour changes to encourage use of sustainable alternatives to single use plastics, prevention of littering etc.  would contribute to clean and healthy oceans

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/02/2023

Urban 20 Meet Focuses On Transit Oriented Development

Cities must be designed for cycling, walking and not for cars, and they must grow and evolve on the bank of transit-oriented development: Kant

By PTI 11/02/2023

Reimagining Cities At G20’s U20 Meet

The sixth U20 highlights six priority areas - environment-friendly behaviour, water security, climate finance, local identity, urban planning and administration, and digitalisation of urban amenities

By PTI 09/02/2023