Only 24% Of Organisations Have Biodiversity Strategy In Place: Study

Although many tools like impact assessments, AI or synthetic biology exist to address biodiversity loss, businesses are investing less than 5 per cent of the required amount to address it 

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/09/2023

Olympics Commit To Promote SDGs Ahead of Brisbane 2032

IOC’s Olympism365 strategy is aimed at strengthening the role of sport as an important enabler for the UN Sustainable Development Goals    

By Outlook Planet Desk 03/05/2023

Climate Change Should Be Taught At School Level

Carbon neutrality should be part of the curriculum to make the youth climate-ready, starting from schools: Prakash Javadekar

By PTI 02/05/2023

Researchers Develop Catalyst For Green Hydrogen Fuel

World is moving towards finding alternatives to fossil fuels, and hydrogen gas continues to be the best source of clean energy generation

By PTI 01/05/2023

Global Citizen Launches Campaign To Mobilise Critical Financing For Climate Change

An alliance of world leaders representing both Global North and Global South countries has joined the Power Our Planet campaign  

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/04/2023

EU Adopts Key Laws Like CBAM To Reach 2030 Climate Target

The new rules increase the overall ambition of emissions reductions by 2030 in the sectors covered by the EU ETS to 62 per cent  compared to 2005 levels

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/04/2023

India To Emerge As A Global Hub For Blue Economy Products, Food, And Agriculture: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

The G20 Pre-Cursor Conference on Transforming Logistics for Coastal Economies with a Focus on Sustainability was recently held in Odisha

By Outlook Planet Desk 25/04/2023

Earth Day 2023: The Key Is To Understand The Interconnectedness Between Humans And The Planet: Dia Mirza

The IPCC has indicated that urgent climate action that we take right now can secure our planet and provide a liveable future for our children

By Dia Mirza 22/04/2023

Inequality Levels Are Returning To Those Of The Early 20th Century: UN Chief 

António Guterres urged international development banks to use their resources to increase private investment in developing countries

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/04/2023

Process Initiated For Lithium Extraction In Reasi

A transaction advisor and auction platform are in place to carry forward the extraction process for the secomd highest reserves of lithium to the tune of 5.9 million tonnes in the world

By PTI 16/04/2023