SBI To Bundle Home Loans With Rooftop Solar Installations

The bank is increasing its exposure to green initiatives, including funding green buildings, battery recycling, solar rooftops plans among others

By PTI 16/09/2023

Innovative Green Practices To Transform Warehouses

Sustainable warehouses prioritise energy-efficient design, incorporating technologies such as solar panels, LED lighting, optimised HVAC systems, and advanced monitoring systems

By Ramnath Subramaniam 13/09/2023

World Bank Approves $1.5 Billion For India’s Low-Carbon Transition

The $1.44 billion loan is from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and is facilitated by a United Kingdom $1 billion backstop aimed at boosting the World Bank’s climate change financing to India

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/06/2023

Paris Climate Meeting Concludes Sans Global Shipping Tax Agreement

A global tax on the greenhouse gas emissions produced by international shipping may be adopted at the International Maritime Organization's July meeting, a United Nations institution that regulates shipping

By Outlook Planet Desk 24/06/2023

Need To Assist Poor Nations In Addressing Their Development And Climate Issues

The leaders gathered at the recently concluded spring meeting of the World Bank and IMF in Washington, DC, discussed ways to work the financial system so that it serves countries that are in debt trouble and are vulnerable to climate change

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/04/2023

Bengaluru To Host 3-day G20 Energy Transition Working Group Meet From Feb 5

Energy transition by filling up technological gaps, affordable finance for energy transition, energy security and diversified supply chains, energy efficiency, and other topics will be taken up during the first meet

By PTI 30/01/2023