India Ruled To Cap TFA In Fats, Oils At 2 Per Cent By 2022

Consumption of trans fats is associated with increased risk of heart diseases.

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/01/2021

‘Eliminating TFA Boils Down To Awareness.’

Cardiovascular surgeon Dr Naresh Trehan explains how Trans Fats cause heart disease, and why raising awareness about this is critical

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/10/2020

Trans Fats Elimination Journey So Far: Countdown For 2023 Mission

Deadly trio of NCDs, CVDs and TFAs need triple dose of better regulations, effective implementation and smarter consumer choices to accomplish the target.

By George Cheriyan 28/09/2020

Want To Avoid Trans Fats In Your Food? Here's How

Read the nutrition facts /food labels carefully: avoid those that have ‘hydrogenated oils’, ‘partially hydrogenated oils’ or ‘shortenings’ in the ingredients list

By Dr Meghana Pasi 18/09/2020

Countdown to 2023: WHO Report On Global Trans Fat Elimination 2020

WHO Director General appeals to countries to protect their citizens from industrially produced trans fats, and remove it from the global food system by 2023

By Outlook Planet Desk 11/09/2020

Move For Global Ban On Trans Fats Gathers Steam

Multi-sectoral social, economic and political interventions are a must if the WHO deadline of 2023 to remove the deadly fat from the global food chain is to be met

By Ramananda Sengupta 03/09/2020

‘Trans Fats Is A Very Critical Problem For Society’

In an exclusive interview, FSSAI CEO Arun Singhal explains how the government plans to cap trans fats at 2 per cent a year before the WHO deadline

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/08/2020

Could COVID-19 Lead To A Spike In Trans Fat Consumption?

Dr Shauna Downs of Rutgers University’s Department of Urban-Global Public Health believes that poorer nations might consume products with more trans fats simply because it is more affordable.

By Ramananda Sengupta 22/08/2020

‘When The World Was Banning TFA, We Were Promoting Vanaspati’

Pushback from the industry and a weak regulator has allowed deadly industrial trans fats to continue in the Indian food chain, says Amit Khurana of the CSE

By Ramananda Sengupta 10/08/2020

Some Terrifying Trans Fatty Facts

Trans Fats are the most dangerous ingredient in the food chain. Eliminating them from our daily diet can help us lead a healthy and disease-free life.

By Satyendra Garg 18/08/2020