India On EV Overdrive, Targets Investments From Germany, UK And Korea

India's new EV policy aims to draw global investors, fostering inclusivity for domestic carmakers and signalling a major push towards sustainable transportation

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/12/2023

UK Carbon Tax Casts Shadow On India's Exports

Exports worth $775 million are in the crosshairs as the UK unveils CBAM, which is likely to pose a new set of challenges and opportunities in global trade dynamics

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/12/2023

India's Hospitality Industry Aims For Hygiene Excellence To Attract Tourists

Government launches unique rating system to stimulate competition and quality 

By Outlook Planet Desk 14/10/2023

Essar Oil UK Selects Mitsubishi As Tech Licensor For Carbon Capture Project

The company plans for the facility to be operational in 2028, eliminating an estimated 860,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year

By PTI 07/10/2023

Tata Steel To Complete Decarbonisation At UK Plant In 3 Years: CEO Narendran

Tata Steel and the UK government recently agreed on a joint investment plan of 1.25 billion pounds to execute decarbonisation plans at Port Talbot steel making facility in Britain

By PTI 02/10/2023

King Charles III Goes To Bordeaux To Focus On Climate Issues

Severe drought last year forced Bordeaux's earliest-ever harvest, and the region has long been working to adapt to climate change

By PTI 23/09/2023

RIL, UN Join Hands To Promote Sustainable Fashion

RIL pioneered the concept of the Circular Design Challenge to raise consciousness for sustainability and circular practices across fashion industry

By PTI 18/09/2023

Owing To Climate Change Sweden Aims To Expand Its Wine Industry 

Climate change can make areas once ideal for certain grapes more challenging. Extreme heat ripens grapes faster, leading either to earlier harvests that can diminish quality, or to stronger, less balanced wines if left to ripen too long

By Associated Press 21/08/2023

Clean Energy Set To Dominate Biden And Charles Discussions

The two leaders will bring attention to climate issues and host a forum on how to encourage private companies to engage in more clean energy 

By Associated Press 10/07/2023