Renew Power To Invest Rs 44,000 Cr By FY26: CEO Sumant Sinha

The company, which has an installed capacity of 9.5 GW, is looking to invest both in wind and solar projects going forward that will require investments at the rate of about Rs 5.5 crore per MW

By PTI 07/11/2023

NTPC Group Sets Up 50 MW Wind Energy Unit

In addition to solar and wind capacity, NTPC REL is investing in green hydrogen technologies, with plans to establish a large-capacity plant in Ladakh

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/11/2023

Vibrant Energy To Set Up 198 MW Wind Farm Project For Amazon In Maharashtra The Project Will Generate 6,97,261

Mwh energy annually and is expected to offset 4,94,137 metric tonnes of Co2 emissions per year

By PTI 02/11/2023

Amazon Surpasses 1.1 GW Clean Energy Capacity In India

In addition to being the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy globally, Amazon has also become the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in India

By PTI 01/11/2023

India Lacks Consistent Renewable Energy Supply

While renewables have the capability to expedite the transition to clean energy, the timely implementation of innovative technologies is imperative to ensure a dependable and sustainable energy supply   

By Sajay Kv 24/05/2023

Step-Up In Wind Power Crucial To Reach Energy Goals

Wind projects can provide electricity even during the night to meet peak power requirements, which balances out day-centric solar generation on the grid

By PTI 20/03/2023

India Is Committed To Curtail Carbon Emissions In The Antarctic Atmosphere: Dr Jitender Singh

The Minister congratulated Spain for organizing this successful meeting and conference and providing an opportunity to mark our commitments towards protecting the Antarctic Environment.

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/10/2021