Global Warming Increases Domestic Violence In India: Study

Researchers predict a 23.5 per cent per cent increase in family violence in India by the end of the 21st century

By PTI 01/07/2023

Mothers Worldwide Stage Protest To Raise Voice Against Global Climate Crisis

The Earth's global surface temperature has risen by around 1.15 degrees Celsius as compared to the pre-industrial (1850-1900) average and the CO2 spewed into the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution is closely tied to it

By PTI 14/05/2023

Community Seed Banks In India Help Reintroduce Millets

 An FAO initiative seeks to increase resilience in farming practices, enhance nutrition and support livelihoods by reintroducing and improving farmers’ access to oilseeds, pulses and small grains  

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/04/2023

Women’s Empowerment Calls For Holistic Approach

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, Outlook Planet looks at why India is likely to miss the target for contraceptive use under SDG 3 for health despite an increase in the use of modern contraceptives for family planning

By Poonam Muttreja 08/03/2023

Nutrition In The Context Of The COVID-19 Pandemic In India

Here are 6 steps the government must take to ensure that the nutrition needs of vulnerable women and children are not compromised by the pandemic and its fallout.

By Dr Yasmin Ali Haque 10/06/2020

Heritage Seeds To Sprouted Dal Parantha, A Week Of Unusual Excitement

While Smriti Irani and Bill Gates joined hands to create a repository of heirloom crops, the UNICEF brought out a booklet of healthy, trendy and pocket-friendly recipes.

By Charupadma Pati 14/05/2020

Invest In Iron, Women, Instead Of Gold On Dhanteras

Half The Women In Urban India Are Anaemic. A Creative Social Awareness Campaign, Project Streedhan, Spreads The Good Word And Celebrities Pick Up Iron-rich Fruits

By Swati Bhattacharya 25/10/2019

Memories Of A Dream Come True

A development worker pays tribute to the women of Chhattisgarh, who fulfilled his dream of turning ‘Change Agents’ into ‘Change Leaders’ by fighting malnutrition electorally

By Basanta Kumar Kar 01/10/2019

Fighting Malnutrition In Odisha’s Angul, A Story That Inspires All

How a remote district became a sterling example that people can overcome their nutritional adversity with will, guts and wisdom

By Charupadma Pati 12/01/2020

Indian Women's Unaccounted Labour Cause Of Malnutrition In India: Study

According to the research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the UK, recognition of Indian women's roles in both agriculture and domestic work is key to improving household nutrition outcomes.

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/06/2019